What do we bake?

Mias Bakery produces a variety of sliced and continental breads including rye bread, rolls, and yeast lines including cinnamon buns and paris rolls.  We're capable of making products to for specific needs should someone desire something different.

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Welcome to Mias Bakery

The Mias family is proud to offer the public of Western Australia the excellent bread we have produced and nurtured over the 60 years we have been in the bread industry.
Owning our own flour mill (West Coast Milling) gives us the opportunity to finely mill our wheat into flour equal to the best Western Australia has. Our staff also take pride in their work which clearly shows in the finished product that you can purchase in all quality stores throughout this vast state.

We also participate when asked in fund raising ventures for all community associations from schools to charity organizations.

careers at mias bakery

Careers with Mias Bakery

We are always looking to promote growth in our industry by introducing young people as apprentices in baking. We currently have a position for the appropriate candidate.

Delivery positions are always available for those people wanting an early start to their day giving them an opportunity to do other tasks at home or in the community. Labouring jobs in the factory are available on a regular basis. Click here to find out more!